California grown, the Burlington Family is a musical group from Los Angeles, California. Like many country and blues artists before them, the Burlington Family originated in the Church. Specifically via wordplay and distortion played during Church talent shows. The Family has since morphed into a “folk” group.

Ain’t no Grave, a gospel song included on the first record began receiving radio airplay on the Watusi Rodeo, Indie 103’s  American roots rock show.  Followed by frequent performances at Cole’s, the historic downtown bar considered by many to be the oldest bar in LA. The Burlington Family became part of Southern California’s “alt country” scene playing alongside many LA based artists, I See Hawks in LA, honky tonk hero, Mike Stinson, and rockabilly guitarist, Danny B. Harvey. During this time the Burlington Family was given the opportunity to make a record produced and recorded by Michael Deming, recognized for his work with Beachwood Sparks and the Lily’s,

The Burlington Family always continues to do its thing,